This is an overview of my work at Stuttgart University (Diploma Thesis 2000), at the Max-Planck-Institute for Metals Research (PhD 2005) and at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University (Postdoc 2006-07). My main interest has always been the structure of matter (be it organic molecules, alloys, metallic glasses or colloidal suspensions) at various length and time scales (from Angströms to microns, from picoseconds to days). Since most of the experimental techniques I have used for these projects are based on light (laser spectroscopy, x-ray scattering, confocal microscopy), I am also highly interested in the interaction of light and matter. Since 2008 I am working in industry on photovoltaics and new optical technologies.

Please also refer to my Publication List

Photochromic Molecules for Switching and Data Storage

Photochromic Molecules for
Storage and Switching

Diffuse Streuung von TiV

Diffuse X-Ray Scattering
from Binary Alloys

Schema Burgers-Orientierung

Precipitates in Alloys

Kolloide auf Templat

Colloid Crystals

More on my PhD-Thesis:

High-Energy X-Ray Study of SRO and Phase Transformations in Ti-V

Optische Spektroskopie mit Femtosekunden-Zeitauflösung:
Transiente Absorption
A little essay about my diploma thesis (in german).