Scientific Resources

Here are some resources, which are very useful to me. Most of them deal with physics.

NIST Scientific and Technical Databases
Huge collection of scientific data.

The best online periodic table of the elements I know.

LEO German-English
German-english dictionary, very popular.

Center for X-Ray Optics at Berkeley
X-ray tools and resources, especially x-ray interaction with matter.  .

X-Ray Data Booklet

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

Multimedia Physik
Somewhat chaotic, but neat collection of images, applets and other resources for teaching basic physics.

Amethyst Galleries' mineral Gallery
A good place, if one is interested in minerals or gemstones, lots of nice pictures, but also scientific informations.

My Favorite Web-Comics


Although the C64 was not my first computer, as it was for many others of my generation, I am very fond of this one (and especially it's successor, the C128). With emulators like VICE, the old software runs on a modern PC. Especially the old games bring back many fond memories (We were heroes!).

The VICE Emulator

VICE emulates the C64, C128, VIC20, all PETs, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II on modern PC's. There are versions for MS-DOS, Win95/NT, Unix, OS/2 und LINUX

The Living Daylights

C64 Unlimited

Arnold-Home of the C64-Games

MP3-Remixes of the old C64 tunes, this is really cool!

Archive of German Disc Magazines


Leo's Icon Archive

This is where many icons and buttons on my homepage come from.